Sunday, 7 November 2010

a whole lotta hoopla

'move: choreographing you' is the current autumn exhibition at the southbank centre which explores the visual arts and dance introducing the audience to choregraphed installations at various points around the centre. The Hayward Gallery is hosting the main exhibitions, but free pop-up installations are also featured. I came across a hula hoop disco event this weekend (on until the 25th November in case you're interested) at the Royal Festival Hall which looked like great fun. If I hadn't have been on my own, I might have taken a hoop for a spin too!

the broken hearts girls Nisha and Amber were djing at the hula disco- they looked amazing in their super retro-glam-vaudeville emsembles.. I love their look and now just need an opportunity to hire them for some fabulous party! Maybe 30th next year?!

their card:

above photo from the broken hearts website

if you want to contact them, click here,

I was also quite distracted by the Royal Festival Hall itself. I love this building. Pretty ugly to some, but I love it. It's one of the best places in London to have drinks after work on a warm summer evening...

the infamous 'net and ball' carpet was designed by Peter Moro and Leslie Martin in 1951- I love this fifties design and I'm so glad that when the RFH was refurbished in 2007, the carpet was retained (or at least the design was even if it's not the actual original carpet). I also love all the wood- it's completely beautiful and reminds me of the beautiful modernist buildings of Marcel Breuer..

Marcel Breuer Wofson Trailer House seen at

Just beautiful!

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