Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Seasons greetings from Inspired Winter! x


I hope that you've all had a joyful and relaxing break over the Christmas weekend?  How has everyone been able to spend it?
As much as I promised a posting before the holiday, my blogging was sadly oushed to one side in an effort to finish up my day job in time! So although it's late, I thought I would share a few gifting images with you..

This year I've been into personalising my gifts as much as possible.  I always like to make an effort so my wrapping is as much as a part of the gift as what's inside but this year I went a little further...GREY PAPER AND FELT LETTERS 1
our very chic best friends shared their first family Christmas with their beautiful baby daughter.
As their home is all neutral whites and greys, I coordinated their gifts to fit in under the tree..
and  for our closest friends and family I made felt initial tags which can be used next year as tree ornaments.  They seemed to go down well!

my good friend (gorgeous) Julie loves a bit of sparkle so I handmade this paper with simple white spots and a good amount of glitter.  This glitter is now embedded in my carpet much to Mr A's annoyance..  and although it's very simple, I liked the effect!  I might wrap all of my gifts next year like this.  And maybe put down some old newspaper first..HANDMADE WRAP 1

but as Mr A and I have been spending our Christmas at my family's home I coordinated our main gifts with my parents traditional red, gold and green tree..
my nordic-look red and white paper was an Ikea purchase (!! I was surprised too!) and I added brown paper, Merci-purchased white tags and green twine with felt initials.
And inspired by Merci in Paris, I tore strips of printed Liberty fabric to use as ribbon for smaller gifts like this one for Mr A:
We have quite a lot of leftover coffee bags (purchased from Monmouth Coffee for our wedding) so I found these a useful way of wrapping tricky gifts..  I guess paper and fabric bags could also work in this way too!

I hope you all enjoyed some quiet (possibly?!) family time and are looking forward to ringing the new year in. x x x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

we heart this Christmas inspiration... x

It's at this time of year when I get super excited and inspired by some of my favourite online magazines and retailers.  I just have to share some of their fabulous work with you- hopefully it will inspire your holiday season!

Toast Christmas Catalogue
Toast Christmas Catalogue 
rustic perfection.  This is how I dream of spending Christmas...
Toast Christmas Catalogue

A fabulous diy advent calander!  Much nicer than sugary bland chocolate shapes!  What a cute idea to surprise your loved one during December! (Mr A take note...)
anthology magazine advent calender

Sweet Paul:
Sweet Paul Christmas
sweet paul Christmas table
sweet paul gift wrap
I love the dark, warm cosy backdrops of the above images in Sweet Paul, but icy, sugary blues contrast nicely and remind me of Donna Hays gorgeous style.
sweet paul Christmas decorations

Heart Home Christmas table
Cute highlights of pink tape around vintage labelling and paper:
Heart Home Magazine Christmas gift wrapping

neet magazine gift wrapping 
and a bit of traditional Christmas red-and-white..
I love the simplicity of the card boxes and bakers twine.  Simple, perfect and it just totally sums up Christmas for me!
And, I can't wait to try crushed peppermint candy canes to sweeten some winter hot chocolate. Love. x
neet Christmas

In the next week I'll share some Christmas ideas which might hopefully give you some alternative Christmas decoration and gift wrapping inspiration! x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

we heart the newest online magazine- DASHING MAG! x

I am so excited for the release of Dashing Magazine this week!
The digital publication is the perfect blend of inspired craft ideas, stylish fashion direction and spectacular wedding creativity!  Three of the UK's most talented bloggers have collaborated to share their ideas and images with us girls!
Gorgeous contributions include a photography project by talented photog Lisa Brown at Lisa Jane Photography and I felt very honoured to be asked to be a part of this!
dashing magazine front cover dashing intro
dashing hot chocolate dashing magazine glitter cutlery
I was asked to pick a favourite place of mine to spend time and find inspiration so (no surprises) I chose Petersham Nurseries!  I had a lovely morning with Lisa chatting on our visit and getting to know her over a cup of tea!  Check out Lisa's blog here.dashing portrait at Petersham Nurseries
Congratulations to Charley (London Bride) Josie (Savoir Weddings) and Fanni (Fubumedia) for the success of Dashing's maiden edition- I can't wait for the next! x

Monday, 21 November 2011

We heart Apartment B. x


In a slight break away from my regular posts, I have to introduce you to Apartment B, the fabulous brainchild of Ohio native Adam Hawkey.
A few years ago, Adam spotted a gap in the interiors market for some interesting blinds for his new apartment (apartment B, just in case you were wondering...!) rather than opt for the plain Ikea ones most of his friends had.  With this in mind, Adam spent his spare time over the last few years with his girlfriend (my sister!) Laura developing a super cute vintage-inspired range of rollers all now available to order via their website and on Etsy.

I have no doubt that the venture will be a huge success both in the US and here in the UK so I'm hugely excited to share this with you!

check out some of my favourite:
Apartment B blind 2
Our home village even gets a mention in one print!:
Apartment B blind 6
and kittens Kevin and Lionel get their model groove on.
Here's Big Kev posing against the Trellis Floral print:
Apartment B roller blind 1
What a proud big sister-in-law I am!  I placed my order straight away and I'm waiting on a NYC map for our glass interior door in light grey.  I can't wait to see it!
I'll share this with you once it's up!

Although the Apartment B website states that they do not ship outside of the US, shipping to the UK and Europe can be arranged so please contact Adam at:

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

We heart a Jenny Packham sample sale! x

Get your running shoes on (with heels in your handbag of course!)
because tomorrow morning is the latest Jenny Packham sample sale!!  Run girls, run!!

reductions of up to 70% across their gorgeous dresses, accessories, jewellery and underwear.
If you're looking for the perfect party dress for the season ahead or an alternative gown for your big day, make sure you don't miss out! x

Jenny Packham sample sale

Thursday 17th November
8.30am - 8pm
3a Carlos Place, Mount Street,

020 7493 6295

* * * * * *

Also coming up this weekend is the Gina sample sale:

Saturday 19th November
10am - 6pm
The Music Room, 26 South Molton Lane

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

we heart Sunbury Antiques Fair! x

Back in August I made a long awaited trip to Sunbury Antiques Fair at Kempton Park which is actually much closer to me than I thought.  I went in search of inspiration for work, and although there were some relevant things, it was a much better trip for vintage interior finds..Vintage penguin books
These penguin books were one of my favourite finds, but to be honest, there was so much there that it would be hard to choose one stand-out treasure! I didn't buy the books (I would need a suitable home for them which I don't currently have) but I'm jealous of anyone who did snap them up!
vintage coloured buttons coloured twine and buttons I did buy a few budles of the brightly coloured twine for present wrapping which actually turned out to be candle wick! At £1 per bundle my Christmas present s are going to look gorgeous and bright! buttons turntable bread boards and cartes Vintage g plan sideboard I have quite a few of these antler trophies around our home, but at £9 each these were a bit of a bargain. But I was good, and just bought one!
Vitage antler trophies
BUT I did bring home a little friend with me! Here is Fred celebrating Mr A's birthday: Fred, Mr A's Birthday
 And he surprised me by dressing up yesterday to celebrate my 30th:
Isn't he pretty?!
Fred, 30th Birthday celebrations
Kempton Park antiques market happens twice a month on Tuesdays and, if you can make it, it's worth a trip! Although I found some bargains, the dealers are pretty wise to what things are worth, so not everything is as competitively priced as the nick knacks that I found. The next date is Tuesday 25th October but click HERE for future dates.
Kempton Park Racecourse
Staines Road
East Sunbury on Thames
Middlesex TW16 5AQ

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back after a month's break! x

Dear Lovely readers,
I am back after a month's break from blogging..  The past month has been incredibly busy (and still continues to be), but I'm back with some new posts to share with you all.

In mid August, Mr and and I took a weeks trip to the south of France- our first holiday since our honeymoon to Bali last year.  It was great to have a break away from our busy London life and take a moment to catch our breath..
I'll be sharing a few of my french photos in future posts but I couldn't wait to share the highlight of our trip with you!

In a similar way to the Buckingham Palace exhibition of our own Royal wedding, the Principality of Monaco was displaying the dress and suit of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert at the Institut Oceanographique.  The Armani gown was very beautiful, but I must say that I don't think it has a patch on our own Catherine's although very well displayed.  Here's some of the shots I took:
Monaco wedding photo 1 Monaco wedding dress front 2
Monaco wedding dress front 1
I do love the details on Prince Albert's suit- beautiful medals.. but I was surprised that his shoes were a cream colour compared to his suit which was a paler Ivory.
Monaco wedding shoes Monaco wedding dress side 1 Monaco wedding dress notes Monaco wedding dress back 1
I can't wait to visit our own version at Buckingham Palace soon to compare..
and I'll be sharing more of my French adventure soon. x

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

we heart birthday pancakes! Happy Birthday Mum! x

MUMS 60TH BDAY ON cakies

Happy Birthday Mum! x

My mother is in Florida and I just know how she'll be celebrating her big birthday- with a stack of blueberry pancakes and some parasailing (yes, no joke!).

So Happy Birthday from across the pond Mum! Hope you enjoy the day!


top photo found on cakies

above photo found on ladulcivida

Saturday, 30 July 2011

we heart Lassco 3 Pigeons. x

a few weeks ago I finally made it to Lassco 3 Pigeons, the reclamation group's Oxfordshire branch at Milton Common.Weather vane

I have been wanting to go for ages and I just had to share my trip with you! the very lovely manager was kind enough to let me take a few (ok, a lot of) shots whilst I was trecking around their site. it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I think I could happily live in their grounds amongst the outbuildings stacked with reclaimed doors peeling with a hundred years worth of paint...
STRAWBERRIES HOGG CAST IRON TABLE I do love a wander around a reclamation yard although they always have a slightly spooky, forgotten air about them- perfect for a Halloween party- but ever so slightly disturbing... (is that just me?)

..and Milton Common really does have a reason to be even spookier than most:
MILTON COMMON GIBBET I think this might well have been the tree that John Price hung from back in 1785... rather grim...

...but dispite it's rather gruesome history, Lassco had some fantastic finds.
terracota pots

I am again quite gutted that I didn't make it here whilst I was we were doing up our flat a few year back. These concrete tiles below (spanish?) would have been perfect for us. In fact, if no one beats me to it, I might just have to head back and buy them.
cement floor tiles door knob Reclaimed staircase curios of all types filled the Lassco site's main building- it was literally filled to the rafters. And in amongst the doors, taxidermy, parisian statues, railway sleepers and marble busts there's a little tea room serving the most delicious of fruit cake (I urge you to try this if you ever visit- actually one of the best I've had in a long time!) which just gives you yet another reason, if you needed one, to divert off the M40 for a few minutes (hours)...
Bird Cage POISON chandeliers the most pristinely kept set of magazine journals I've ever seen. I think there must have been about 100 of them:
vintage country life
cathedral seating this intricate parquet flooring was one of my favourite finds. Isn't this just stunning? It looked as though it has been badly infested at one time but that didn't detract from how stunning it was. I need a house to put this in. Plus a good dose of woodworming treatment just to be on the safe side...
reclaimed parquet flooring and my other favourite find was this garden table. I really, really had to control myself to stop buying it. When I got home and showed Mr A, he said 'why didn't you buy it?' and (apart from I'm not supposed to be buying anything at the moment- holiday coming up shortly!!) I actually don't know what stopped me. I do love a bit of weather-beaten rust AND I do need a desk. aybe I'll be heading back shortly for a rusty table and cement tiles.
reclaimed garden table

Lassco 3 Pigeons

London Road

Milton Common

Oxfordshire, OX9 2JN

01844 277188

open monday-saturday 10am-5-pm