Sunday, 14 November 2010

bridal sample sales...

two fabulous sample sales coming up and both definitely worth making the effort to get to if you're looking for your dress and accessories!

philippa lepley

by appointment (call ahead)

18th & 19th november

48 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HH
020 7590 9771

jenny packham

18th-20th november

thurs, 10am-7pm
fri, 10am-6pm
sat, 10am-2pm

3 Carlos Place, W1K 3AN
020 7493 6290

this is actually an evening-wear and accesories sample sale but as my own dress was a collection piece and the accessories are all so beautiful I'd recommend going anyway.


  1. Oh to be a bride again! I've just tweeted this out-more Packham brides=more beautiful brides to photograph!

  2. Exactly! I would recommend a Packham dress to any bride!