Friday, 12 November 2010

details- inside

details from our wedding- inside...
Food is such a huge part of any celebration so I think it's really important to consider how your wedding breakfast reflects your whole day and your taste (excuse the pun!).

As a couple, James and I eat (and cook) a lot of Indian food so we thought it would be great to serve a thali-style Indian meal in our own unique way. Instead of the traditional steel trays you would usually serve thali from, we chose porcelain deep rimmed plates with guests able to help themselves to a choice of 4 curries placed on the tables.

Orginally we chose to look to true Indian caterers to provide the food but we very fortunately found the fabulous Relish who created the most beautiful meal for us. More to come on food in later postings...

We spent a great deal of time considering what we wanted to serve our guests but it was also really important to create the right atmosphere and follow on our rustic flowers, herbs and props through to the grand hall.

we were so pleased with our tables that we wanted to keep our dining room hidden away from the guests to see their reactions when they sat down to dinner!* every table was slightly different rather than being matchy-matchy, which wouldn't have worked for us.

*fantastic room decor completely down to the hard work and support of my parents and my aunt and uncle! It was all hands on deck the day before!

our guest place 'cards' were little zinc hearts (sourced from Daylesford Organic in Kingham- they were actually tags for cut flowers) tied with rafia to the cutlery.

guests and the wedding party (myself included) were later seen wearing theirs as bracelets or hanging from necklaces. pretty keepsakes from our day!

we created a sweetie table for later in the evening (guests + sugar= lots of dancing energy!) and laid out coffee bags bought from Monmouth Coffee for fill up with treats.

these were the perfect bags to use- lined and with a metal close tab at the top. we also added our wedding logo (used throughout our stationary) to customise.

To carry on our rustic theme, we placed old jars amongst herb planters and put the sweetie bags in a crackeled old bird bath.

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  1. Such beautiful details, I was like a kid in a candy shop! Very thoughtful and stylish, a true reflection of your wedding day.