Thursday, 23 June 2011

we heart... a bit more time for blogging! x

To my lovely readers,

I do apologuise profusely for being a lax blogger of late. As you may have gathered, my workload has kept me from writing and posting on Inspired Winter.. (boring I know).. but I have managed to find a little time to do some fun bits and pieces! Here's a diary of my recent June activities and more posts to follow shortly:

Wednesday 15th June- Last week I was thrilled to be invited to a pre-screening of the new movie Bridesmaids hosted by Charley from London Bride at the Soho Hotel. It was such a fun evening! The always gorgeous Chloe of Caught The Light Photography was kind enough to introduce me to Kat from RocknRollBride, Emma Case of Emma Case Photography and it was fabulous to finally meet our hostess-with-the-mostest Charley! Nice to put faces to names!

I was also excited to also see Helena from A Diary Of Lovely who is just the nicest person! We gabbed away until the opening credits and laughed all the way through the film together- I completely love her!

I have to be honest, depite the publicity and great reviews the film has been getting from the US, I wasn't expecting much. And I was so wrong. The evening properly had me in stitches! I could hear the girls in the back row (including Chloe..!) snorting with laughter and everyone agreed it was worth recommending to girls and guys alike. I won't bore you with a full on review, but I would urge you all to go see it!

Saturday 18th June- Last weekend I made it to salvage yeard heaven, Lassco at Milton Common, where I wandered the site for a good few hours taking photos, eating fruitcase (seriously yummy) and indulging in a few sneaky purchases.. but more of this to come in a new post soon.. keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday 21st June- I spent the evening in total awe at the Red Magazine networking event as I listened to Deputy Editor Saskia Graville interview a panel of 3 inspiring British business women, Sam Baker (author and Editor-In-Chief at Red), Sarah Walters ( and Lorraine Pascal (author, television cook and baker extraordinaire). The panel were posed questions sent in my audience members about starting their own businesses and provided tips for ways to go it alone. I will be keeping an eye out for future events (the panel changes each time) and would urge others to do the same!

Over the next two weeks I have an unexpected fortnight of musical indulgence kicking off with Glee Live on Sunday (yes, yes, I know... what a gleek...), then the AMAZING Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes (I really, REALLY heart Dave Grohl. No joke. I love him) and then picnicing with Jamie Cullum at Kew, which is quite lazy as it's opposite our house.. Pretty eclectic I think you'll agree?! And for completely different reasons, I know that I'm going to enjoy each and every one. But mostly the Foo Fighters because, you know, I kind of rather love Dave. Did I mention that..?

Which makes me wonder... What with Glasto kicking off this weekend too, if I had an unlimited budget, who would I have had to play at our wedding, or for that matter, my (big) birthday coming up in October? Our wedding band was totally brilliant, but in an ideal world, what would I have danced away to all night? Maybe rock music (and hitting on the front man at your wedding) isn't quite appropriate for some ears at a wedding, but who would YOU have to play? And did anyone actually hire a 'fantasy' band for an event you've been to? I'd love to hear all about it! Please do let me know!

Thank you to everyone for your support following me and Inspired Winter blog. I promise to be back in no time at all with new (and inspiring) posts.

Love you all!

with love philippa

photo from

Friday, 17 June 2011

inspired: the most beautiful Ibizan Wedding. x

On a cold grey day in the British Isles, I have the most utterly beautiful wedding to share with you, and it's sure to brighten up your weekend...

I have been dying to post this wedding for ages as it's one very close to my heart.

Nearly two years ago, Darren and Carol married in front of 35 of their closest friends and family at the picturesque Puig de Missa in San Eulalia, Ibiza. The day was gorgeous in every aspect- the sun shone down, Carol was radiant and Darren looked completely besotted with his gorgeous bride.
I am so blessed to have been a part of this very special day- I was honoured when Carol asked me to design and create her bridal gown and spend time with them both to help style the groom and other parts of the wedding.

The very cool couple spend a lot of time on the White Isle so it seemed an appropriate backdrop for their nuptials and, in hiring boutique hotel Can Domo near to San Eulalia, Carol and Darren made a great choice. Looking out over the Ibizan countryside and olive groves, the traditional Spanish finca was the perfect romantic setting, rustic and unpretentious... It really was the most gorgeous of days.

Ibizan photographer Gypsy Westwood captured the mood and beauty of the day perfectly. She did a great job... but of course it helps if you have such a good-looking bride and groom to shoot!
Ibiza wedding 1 Ibiza wedding 3


the dress!... and the chicest Sergio Rossi snakeskin sandals.

yours truly in a silk Halston kaftan



Ibiza Wdding vows Ibiza wedding 18
Ibiza wedding 19a Ibiza wedding 20
Ibiza wedding 24 Ibiza wedding 25

Carol and Darren's favourite photo

on the way to the ceremony we stopped to tie paper hearts to the trees lining Can Domo's long driveway


Ibiza Wedding

Ibiza wedding 34 Ibiza wedding 35

Carol's choices of dress (ahem..!), accessories, venues and photographer all complimented the Ibizan surroundings to create the most perfectly chilled and beautiful Balearic wedding. It couldn't have been better... this is what destination weddings should aspire to (in my opinion)...

Love you both. x

all photography Gypsy Westwood

venue Can Domo, Cala Llonga

bride's dress Philippa Winter (contact InspiredWinter)

bride's shoes Sergio Rossi

groom's suit Richard James

groom's shoes Cos

invitations & stationary James Akerman Design (contact InspiredWinter)

Friday, 10 June 2011

we heart handmade Elderflower Cordial! x

this time last year I had ambitions of foraging in the gloucestershire fields whilst the elderflower bushes were in bloom and making some cordial ready for the big day... In my mind, I was probably wearing something long and flowing and carrying a wicker basket, or the like..

of course it didn't happen. But I do regret not having bothered- it would have been the perfect compliment to our champagne reception- especially as it's so easy!

I found the below recipe in this month's RED magazine and I was so impressed with how simple and easy it was to get right! my Boden colleagues have even tried my delicious brew (and survived) and can verify that it is infact very drinkable!ELDERFLOWER BUSH


25-35 big heads of elderflower blossom

1kg caster sugar

50g citric acid (from pharmacists but apparently not Boots..)

3 lemons, thinly sliced

you will need:

a large bowl ideally with a lid to cover (a jam pan would be ideal), sieve, small square of muslin, a range of glass bottles adding up to 1.5ltrs and tags (i used brown kraft parcel tags)LEMONS 2

1. tap the blossoms to remove any stubborn insects.

remove the long stems and leaves. Put the sugar in a large bowl and pour in 1.5ltrs of boiling water. Stir to dissolve sugar, cover and allow to cool completely.

Stir in the citric acid, followed by the flowerheads and lemon slices. Cover and leave in a cool, dark place.

2.Leave to steep for between 24-48 hours (I left my batch for 48 hours). The longer it is left, the stronger the flavour and colour will be.

Put a muslin lined sieve over a large bowl and strain the liquid through to catch all the bits. You may need to do this in two stages, transferring some of the cordial to a jug as it drains before leaving to drain further.
ELDEFLOWER 2 3. 3. Sterilise some glass bottles. Set the oven to 100c/200f/gas mark1/2. Stand the bottles in the sink and fill with boiling water. Hold with a cloth, tip out the water, then out the sides in the oven. Leave for 15 minutes. Turn off oven. When cold, stand bottles on a tea towel, so they don't slip. Using a funnel, fill each one with cordial.

4. To drink, dilute with plain or fizzy water, or add to some bubbles!
As a desert, poach fresh gooseberries in a few tablespoons of cordial, or simply spoon over vanilla ice cream.
To add to it's multiple uses.. works as a vinaigrette too. Mix with wine vinegar, mustard, salt pepper and olive oil and pour over a salad of cougettes, lettuce and broad beans.

I promise you, this is so simple and yields (obviously if you look at the recipe) around 1.5litres. whilst the blossoms are out, it is so worth taking little time to do this, especially if you have a summer party or wedding coming up... and it looks quite impressive!

or add a handmade tag, and pass on to friends as gifts.x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

we heart Sibella Court! x

it's hardly a surprise that one of my favourite book purchases of the past year was from uber-talented Australian stylist Sibella Court with her best seller Etcetera.

If you haven't seen it (shame on you to start with, now go and order it from Amazon...), Sibella's style is an eclectic mix of junk shop finds, antique objects and curios from her travels piled together to create scenes and settings of rustic genius. I love her. To say that Sibella Court's style is exactly my taste would be doing her a massive diservice to this style guru as I think that she is completely original in her work... but I do wish that I was the author of this book!
Etcetera by Sibella Court, front cover
etcetera pages 1Etcetera back cover

all above photos taken from Etcetera by Sibella Court

so of course, when I heard that my favourite stylist had written a new book (and about my favourite city no less!), I pre-ordered it straight away!

The Stylist's Guide to NYC is a thorough resource for every creative and stylish person living in or visting the big apple. After a decade of living in New York, Court has uncovered the very best the city has to offer- I can not wait to use this on my next trip.. although I may be waiting a while.

The Stylist's Guide to NYC front cover
The good lady has thought of everything, and has very helpfully included a detachable map! Fabulous!
The Stylist's Guide to NYC map
The Stylist's guide to NYC pages 1

All above photos taken from The Stylist's Guide to NYC by Sibella Court

Sibella Court's books really are beyond inspiring. I would urge everyone reading this to buy both books now!

Like a complete geek, I was super excited when Sibella tweeted me (@SibellaCourt just in case you were wondering) that her next book Nomad (out in November) might bring her to London on a book tour! I'll be the first in line, and of course,I already have Nomad on pre-order...!!

Another book I received last week came to me as a suggestion from Elle Decoration...

My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk is a very beautifully shot book, full to the brim of styled pages and quirky travelling tales from stylist Pia.
My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk front cover
BUT I have to be honest here. The book was not what I was expecting- on reading the back cover, I almost sent the book back...

'My heart wandered

It simply packed its suitcase and wandered what does one do when one's heart wanders?

Follow. For being without a heart is to no be alive...

...and then I saw my heart amongst you.'

'Umm....', I thought. 'Right....'. a bit hippy dippy for my liking. But I persued... and it got a bit better.

The book is set out in chapters, all stunningly illustrated, and follows Pia's travels around Europe whilst she searches for... well, her heart I guess? I have to confess that I haven't made it beyond the first few pages yet, so I hope that you make up your own mind about this book. The overall concept of the book really isn't my thing- it definitely reads a little too hippy/lovey-ish for my tastes- but it sure makes for a lovely coffee table book.
My Heart Wanders flower photo
My Heart Wanders Paris

all above photos from My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has bought it- what did you think? Am I on my own here? x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

we heart J Crew weddings! x

I think I've made my excuses to my lovely US readers before- sorry but we don't get J Crew here (properly) so I'm always overley excited to get my hands on the latest catalogue!

Of course, I'm particularly partial to a bit of JC weddings...

The latest shoot is beautiful and feels a little more retro/edgier than I feel I've seen before..
j crew june wedding spread 2
j crew june wedding spread 1
j crew june wedding crewcuts
I do love this grecian dress- this would be so perfect for a wedding abroad.

June JCREW brides

please JCrew... open a shop in London soon? the small selection on netaporter just won't do!!