Wednesday, 17 November 2010

we heart christmas styling- first christmas posting of the season!

sorry, I was hoping to hold off on mentioning anything to do with Christmas but I just can't help it! and not because I'm obsessed with all things Christmas, but just because there's so many pretty things I've seen and just had to share.

I actually think it's a great time in terms of styling to get some wedding and interior ideas. It doesn't have to be tinsel tackiness but gorgeous textures, unique detailing and inspiring colour palettes...

some of the gorgeous things I have seen so far:


maybe I'll try wearing a tiara for christmas breakfast, or shall we swap our usual paper hats at lunch for a bit of diamonds chic?!

a lovely idea for flavouring some warming hot chocolate..

these stunning floral garlands would be perfect for wedding decor- they could be hung (as below) very simply along walls, from trees, draped across a tiered cake... so many ways to use.

I also really love the bunting above. I think it's the rustic hand made paper and the small scale of the flags that looks a little chicer than the larger traditional type. You could easily make your own in any type of paper or fabric, perhaps made out of old newspaper, maps, dress-making patterns..?

I love these rusty hearts too. perfect for hanging on the back of a bride and grooms chairs?


the latest christmas shoot online and in their catalogue... a lesson in using tinsel in an unusual and classy way.

all decoration for this shoot was done by confetti system. super talented and styling genius. I like the Opening Ceremony window they did in NYC:

there'll be plenty more christmas inspiration to come soon...

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