Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back after a month's break! x

Dear Lovely readers,
I am back after a month's break from blogging..  The past month has been incredibly busy (and still continues to be), but I'm back with some new posts to share with you all.

In mid August, Mr and and I took a weeks trip to the south of France- our first holiday since our honeymoon to Bali last year.  It was great to have a break away from our busy London life and take a moment to catch our breath..
I'll be sharing a few of my french photos in future posts but I couldn't wait to share the highlight of our trip with you!

In a similar way to the Buckingham Palace exhibition of our own Royal wedding, the Principality of Monaco was displaying the dress and suit of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert at the Institut Oceanographique.  The Armani gown was very beautiful, but I must say that I don't think it has a patch on our own Catherine's although very well displayed.  Here's some of the shots I took:
Monaco wedding photo 1 Monaco wedding dress front 2
Monaco wedding dress front 1
I do love the details on Prince Albert's suit- beautiful medals.. but I was surprised that his shoes were a cream colour compared to his suit which was a paler Ivory.
Monaco wedding shoes Monaco wedding dress side 1 Monaco wedding dress notes Monaco wedding dress back 1
I can't wait to visit our own version at Buckingham Palace soon to compare..
and I'll be sharing more of my French adventure soon. x