Thursday, 11 November 2010

details- outside

details from our wedding

the beautiful Chavenage House, Tetbury

our flowers were designed by the very talented Zita Elze who is based in Kew. Her shop on Sandycoombe Road is worth a visit if only for inspiration- it's truly beautiful! we felt completely safe in knowing that Zita understood our vision of the day and her execution of the floral details was just stunning. I hope you agree!
We (I) had agreed that hydrangeas (I love them- they're just so typically English-garden) were an important part of our day so Zita unearthed (very naughtily!!) the planted pansies in the urn at the front of the house. I loved this- it was the first of our details that the guests saw upon arrival at the house.

rustic detailing

there was a spectacular tree at the back of the house which we served champagne from under. the branches spilled over to create a hidden garden room under the boughs through which guests were able to pass...
Zita hung reams of ribbon in shades of grey and neutrals with glass vases randomly at different heights and above the champage table placed an antique Indian oil lamp...

we anticipated lighting the lamp later in the evening but regretfully never actually got around to it, but it was just as beautiful unlit.
all photographs by Chloe Browne @ Caught The Light Photography
interior details to follow...

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