Thursday, 16 December 2010

we heart a very merry JCrew christmas

today I stole the latest JCrew catalogue from one of my colleagues desk and thought I might share a few of their prettiest and most festive shots with you! For those of you in the U.S., please excuse me posting lots about JCrew- it's only because all the shots are so pretty and inspirational and we can't get it here..

Plus I love this outfit! How cool are these 'pop' pink trousers?! I guess you have to be a certain leggy model-type to get away with this, but lovely all the same!

pale neutrals for winter: I love this combination of the same camel shade with the icy blue shirt and chestnut leather gloves- perfect for work on these colder days. And with brogues too- much more sensible for icy pavements!

Monday, 13 December 2010

we heart these online magazines

As I posted about the latest edition of Lonny the other day, I thought that I would share a few other favourite online magazines with you...

The festive period really gives everyone to be more creative than at any other time of year, so it's no surprise how many beautiful shoots and styled projects are out there..

Gifted Magazine:

I think this really is my favourite of the moment. All the photographs are shot so well and really capture a whimsical atmosphere. When I read/flick through the pages, I wish my Christmas was set in a whitewashed french country chateau with a roaring fire and handmade treats to tuck into.. The articles and writing is very inspiring and includes contributions from very talented and creative individuals. [Read here] Just beautiful!!!

Sweet Paul:
I only discovered this recently thanks to CretureComforts blog (which you need to check out!). The styling is spot on! [read here]

N.E.E.T magazine:
This is quite new to me and perhaps a little 'teenage' (dare I say it?) but has some lovely photoshoots and ideas. [read here]

all images from N.E.E.T. magazine.

Happy reading over the Christmas period! x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

we heart Lonny Magazine: december issue out now!

The December issue of American online magazine Lonny is out now!
I love this e-magazine- it's great for interiors and lifestyle but also has some lovely styling ideas for events and parties if you're looking for table inspiration.

How gorgeous to have a simple two colour printed table cloth accessorized with white, shades of pink and opulent gold?!

we heart these blogs!

I came across this most utterley adorable photo on Twig and Thistle which came via House of Milk and had to post it! I thought it might cheer up a rather grey Sunday afternoon!

Check out both Twig and Thistle and House of Milk blogs as well of some of my other favourites:
I have plenty more in my favourites file but I don't want to give them all away in one go! x x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

inspired hen party idea

when I was planning my own hen party I had quite a lot of trouble finding anything that didn't involve a plastic L plate, screaming Beyonce anthems in an ear splitting tribute and paying over the odds for it. I'm definitely not a karaoke type of gal!

if you're looking for unique ideas, there does appear to be quite a big gap in the market for alternative ideas and girly weekends! Which is where Party Pants comes in!

Party Pants is a brand new hen party idea- in a two hour session, a 'Chief Brief' will come to your home or hotel to host a knicker making master class! Along with plenty of bubbly and sugary cupcakes, knicker making will be domonstrated before you get to have a turn yourself. The party is topped off with a quickies photoshoot to show off your new briefs!! Sure to get the girlies all giggling!

VERA WANG sample sale

Just in time for Christmas, the Vera Wang sample sale starts tomorrow at Selfridges until 24th December.
the style I most loved at Vera when I was looking was 'Victoria'. it was included in one of the advertising campaigns a few years back and I just knew that I had to try it on!

sadly the £12k (2 years ago- it's now over £13k!) was nowhere near my budget so I had to say goodbye. Tomorrow, however, this dress could be yours for £6995! although still mightily expensive, it's a massive discount. And if this style just isn't you, there's many more to choose from.

I went to a sample sale last year and it was rather a scrum so get there early for the best dress choices!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

merci bien! we heart a very parisian christmas!

It's taken me a while but I finally managed to visit Merci in Paris! As if by sheer luck I was in Paris for work this week and had a few minutes to pop into the fabulous store.

If you're in Paris, please visit- I didn't get to try the cafe (we were extremely pushed for time) but I did get to scout out the store and get a few sneeky pictures with my iphone.

I love the little red fiat 500 that sits at the front of Merci- I'd quite like one for running around town in I think! Randomly I saw one parked at the side of the A40 this evening, so if you own this and fancy selling it, let me know! x

gorgeous jelly moulds all in white looked very festive!

the clothes were all very beautiful and a well chosen selection, but extremely pricey! I actually preferred the jewellry, homeware (sooo gorgeous) and stationary. The best stationary selection I've seen in a while- lots of japanese masking tape, screen printed notebooks, wax paper envelopes and too many other good things to name! I wish I'd had longer to browse and a bigger budget!

it's all about the rustic tables isn't it?!
more lovely table settings:
(although the tulips were a little out of season. Good ideas for a spring event however!)

linens in so many different colours:

merci had collaborated in the past year with Liberty London and produced a small range of products covered in the infamous prints that Liberty is so known for. I haven't seen much of the range left in London ( I could be wrong here..)- it sold out I think?- but included were these cute mini suitcases (available in two sizes), stationary and necklaces.

I love the wax paper packaging for the jewellry:

and I treated myself (just a little- I was very restrained!) to a Liberty print pendant:
Wouldn't these be great as bridesmaids 'thank you' gifts?!

and I also bought these numbered disks which I have no idea white what to do with them but I just couldn't leave them behind.