Sunday, 29 May 2011

we heart some good cookery book suggestions! x

it seems that in the past 3 weeks, I've aquired 3 new cookery books... perhaps it's that my first year anniversary is coming up and I should be playing the good-wifey part?! (I'm not all that willing when it comes to cooking to be honest- Mr A does the lion's share...)

not to say that I don't enjoy cooking but after a long day at work, I just can't be bothered. which is lazy I know, I know..

and actually, I'm much more likely to be baking than cooking..

..which brings me to my first purchase:
Peyton & Byrne British Baking
I can't begin to rave more about the Peyton & Byrne British Baking book- buy it! It's a baking bible!

this is one of those books that your mother or grandmother had on her shelf in the larder and constantly referred to time after time. I can just see myself using this as the best reference cookery/bakery book for years to come!

and the pictures are just so prettily mouth watering...
Peyton & Byrne french toast

Peyton & Byrne cupcakes
I first came across Peyton & Byrne during my final years at college when the candy-coloured cupcakes from the Tottenham Court Road store (sandwiched between Heals & Habitat) always distracted me from my trips to Paperchase, a few stores down!

I now love to visit The Inn in The Park in St James' Park, although it's pretty difficult to avoid the ever-present tourists!
Peyton & Byrne rhubarb

my second amazon purchase of May was Gwyneth Paltrow's latest foray into the cooking world

Gwyneth Paltrow Notes from... Cover
I'm sure many of you will be familiar with Gwyneth P's regular blog GOOP (which I myself subscribe to) so you'll be familiar with her 'style' of writing..

I have to be honest here, I was not a huge fan. I have, in the past, found her posts a little 'removed' from reality, often quite pompous and then at other times I've found her to be spot on...

and this is quite how I find her (personally) as an actress. I've never really connected with her, and then just recently (in Glee of all things!) Ms P suddenly turned on me and became all funny and witty like and suddenly I quite liked her!

which then prompted me to buy this book. and I'm actually glad I did!
Gwyneth Paltrow Notes from... inside photos
short of some rather smug quotes, I've been really happy with the recipes in the book. they're all incredibly easy, healthy (which is a massive tick in our household) and kind of a good reminder to eat seasonally and organically where possible. I did think it would be pretentious (and some of the quotes are a little..) but it is just very 'accessable' to everyone.

in the week I've had it, I have used the book for every evening meal!
Gwyneth Paltrow Notes from... tomatoes

and I do rather like a bit of simple rustic styling...
Gwyneth Paltrow, Notes from... pavlova

my final cookery book this month found me at a local car boot sale for the bargain price of £3! Elizabeth Craig's COOKERY ILLUSTRATED AND HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT was, in 1936, an encyclopedia for all wives (let's be honest- this is not an oversight in being politically correct- it definitely was aimed at the women of the house, not the men) and became an essential for many homes. the lovely lady who sold it to me said her mother had a copy which was still in use today!

Elizabeth Craig cookbook

Elizabeth Craig, Cookery Illustrated and Household Management
the illustrations/photographs have been so beautifully drawn and painted and in such bright colours. I'm surprised they have remained so intact!

I can kind of imagine that the Queen Mother would have had her breakfast served to her just like this!
Elizabeth Craig illustration

Elizabeth Craig egg whites
I will definitely be trying some of the recipes- perhaps when I have some leftovers and need a bit of inspiration. I'll post photos if and when I manage to do this!

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  1. They all look wonderful! I never subscribed to GOOP... I've heard of it but now I am curious. xo