Sunday, 8 May 2011

we heart colour & print & gorgeous clothes from Boden's AW'11 collection

oh my gosh, call me a cab!... all the way to Boden's Autumn/Winter '11 collection! (cheesy..)

Thursday saw the London press day for AW'11 with a jolt of colour and a lot of truly bold and bright Boden prints to liven up the dull days ahead!

the rainbow of colour transfered to the decor- it must haven taken stylist Amanda weeks to cover everything (from dog kennels to pianos) in various prints- it looked stunning!

outside I bumped into the gorgeous Helena from A Diary of Lovely- it was great to finally meet her and say hello!
Everyone seemed very much to enjoy the press day- the PR team did a great job...

(my jeans! a proud moment...!)

mini Boden's collection was grouped below drops of print raining down on the cutest of outfits. I think my favourite was a knitted kitty hat for cold days..

Boden's autumn collection will be out in august, but until then, check out the current summer collection here. x


  1. I really really liked everything they did and LOVeD bumping into each other! What a fun coincidence! We MUST meet soon!
    and congrats on the 100 Layer cake, big news, but much deserved!! x

  2. Helena, it was great to meet you too! And we should definitely meet up very soon!

    Glad you enjoyed the press day- it was nice to see all our work presented in such a fun (colourful) way! V proud! x x x