Wednesday, 1 June 2011

we heart J Crew weddings! x

I think I've made my excuses to my lovely US readers before- sorry but we don't get J Crew here (properly) so I'm always overley excited to get my hands on the latest catalogue!

Of course, I'm particularly partial to a bit of JC weddings...

The latest shoot is beautiful and feels a little more retro/edgier than I feel I've seen before..
j crew june wedding spread 2
j crew june wedding spread 1
j crew june wedding crewcuts
I do love this grecian dress- this would be so perfect for a wedding abroad.

June JCREW brides

please JCrew... open a shop in London soon? the small selection on netaporter just won't do!!


  1. I'm sure I saw that they are going to open a shop in London this year ... will now go scattty until I find out where I read it. Also -was told in Yorkdale Mall [Toronto] Pottery Barn that in the summer this year, they are going to start shipping to the UK.

  2. wowee, wouldn't that be amazing if they did open a London store! Banana Rep seem to have done very well over here so I can't see a reason JCrew wouldn't do the same! Fingers crossed for that! I love a bit of Pottery Barn too so thank you for passing that on! x x