Tuesday, 24 May 2011

we heart Lassco. x

During my final year of college I lived south of the river near Brixton and in that time I failed (heaven knows why- I had every opportunity) to stop at the amazing treasure trove of a salvage 'yard' that is Lassco. On Sunday I finally made it- I have no idea why on earth I had not managed to make it there before now?!Lassco house

I am a salvage junkie. I'll happily admit to spending hours wandering around many a yard when Mr A and I bought our flat (now on the market just in case anyone is interested?.. no takers?..). We tried our best to find as many salvaged items to replace those that needed replacing but it wasn't easy to find everything. It was mildly annoying then to find that IF I had just stopped in Vauxhallo 5 years ago I would have found everything I needed!! Yes, annoying...

I completely love the most random of objects that I clearly have no current use for- on our honeymoon in Bali I was actually considering an antique Indonesian carved door and looking into how much £ would be involved to ship it back... I do think that if it wasn't for Mr A's more minimal stance on home decor, I might well live in something that vaguely resembles a junk shop/your granny's attic.

So needless to say I found a gazillion objects of fascination on Sunday afternoon.
Lassco Baldwin poster

Lassco multi colour medicine bottles
(probably all poisonous but how pretty?..)

Lassco cricket signage

and of course amongst all the pretty decorative items, there was the practical home fixtures and fittings. This pendant is just stunning and would have been perfect in my flat.
Lassco bathroom pendant light

Lassco morrocan basin

we have the exact same wooden cistern!
Lassco vintage cistern wooden
and we also have the same toilet seat!

Isn't this just the most stunning of toilet pans? (never thought I'd write that on my blog!) Seriously, the most mundane of home fittings turn into the beautiful of objects.
Lassco ornate toilet

and my most favourite of finds was this quail cot.

err, does anyone want to lend/give me £550?...Lassco quail house

I am totally besotted with this place!

AND if that wasn't enough, I started having hot flushes when I popped into Brunswick House Cafe to one side of the house. I think I must have been stood there gauping for a good few minutes. It's an Aladdins cave of chandeliers, pendant lamps,large neon-bulb signage and random hung objects strewn around a haphazardly arranged selection of chairs and tables, roughly resembling a restaurant.. I didn't eat there but I am definitely going back very soon!

hint to Mr A: do they hire I wonder? Birthday party??.. x

lassco cafe 3

photo from lassco.co.uk

AND to fill my fix even further, there is another site on the way home to Gloucestershire in Oxford.

A visit is already pencilled in my diary. x

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