Sunday, 8 May 2011

we heart some bridesmaids suggestions. x

so I've been doing a bit of bridesmaids shopping for you..

with the british summer making an appearance over the past few weeks, I'm feeling some of these pretty high street dress suggestions:

these pretty white h&m dresses are from the well advertised 'Conscious Collection' which I'm actually really impressed with- there's some great pieces in there (amongst the polyester..!). I can't tell you whether it's available at all stores, but it's worth keeping an eye out.

following in the footsteps of our royal bride, I do rather like the idea of coordinating your bridesmaids with your own dress and having them also in white (or ivory, champagne or whatever you chose for yourself..). summer chic!

I don't actually think the below dress with pleats is so appropriate as a bridemaids suggestions but it would make a great guest outfit (should the bride be ok with you wearing white- best to check first!)

and if you're feeling a slightly more conservative affair, this linen dress from Warehouse is great value right now and comes in 4 colours- taupe-y grey, peppermint, peach and white. I actually really like the idea of using all 4 colours for adult bridesmaids. super elegant and super summer-y!

find them online here


all available at warehouse


  1. the second dress is so adorable -- i don't think I've seen it in any stores in california unfortunately :( P.s. your wedding was SO gorgeous!

  2. Hi Sobrina,
    Aw thanks!
    I looked on the US H&W website and although the 'conscious collection' is listed, the second dress isn't... One really small store I visited outside of London recently didn't have this range but the London ones mostly did- it might be worth trying some of the larger branches? I'm also able to order online for H&M here but I don't know if the US site is capable of this yet...
    x Philippa x