Wednesday, 18 May 2011

we heart RE at Libertys! x

Northern favourite, RE, has landed at Liberty and for a limited time has introduced a selection of it's beautifully sourced and selected products for the good people of London town!

I loved these vintage (20s/30s?) table lamps with twisted flex styled amongst retro titled hardback novels... sadly a little out of budget for me.

I love RE's selection of products on their online store but I always wanted to buy random small items (at different times) so the shipping price was often more than the total of my basket. I'm so glad that they're visiting the capital! I'll admit, I did buy a few odd bits and pieces (a rusty rustic Great Britain hanging ornament for the front door!) and some of the concertinaed paper balls ready for future (birthday?) parties.. but I was very good and didn't splurge TOO much! I may have to pay another visit to make up for that... Too many rustic, vintage items in one store- I'll have to start saving!
I might also have to find a long weekend to take a trip up to Corbridge in North East England- their shop/workshop looks completely amazing and I'm utterley jealous of anyone who lives close enough to visit!
find the RE pop-up store on the 4th floor of Libertys, London.
hurry as it won't be there forever! x

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  1. Great, thank you. Now I am also addicted to RE. Have you seen Cox & Cox too? I bought so much stuff I didn't need from there last week. It's all pretty though, so it's ok.

    I like your new white too. Very clean & fresh! x