Tuesday, 5 April 2011

we heart Baileys! x

this weekend I was back at 'home' home in Gloucestershire with my parents and friends and made my usual pilgrimage to Baileys Home & Garden in Ross-on-Wye.

I'm extremely lucky- it's only 25 minutes from my parents house so it's a regular haunt for housewares, gifts and general curios.

if you don't know about Baileys, let me introduce you...

Mark and Sally Bailey, authors of the above 'recycled home' and 'simple home' books renovated their stunning old barn complex to create a treasure trove of reclaimed, recycled and simple products for the home. over the years, the store has expanded to add furniture unique to Baileys and they even have a gorgeous tearoom on the premises.

Mark and Sally Bailey live with their family in the huge grand farm house which sits behind the shop and even though photos of their family home have been published on numerous occasions, I'd still love a snoop to see what it's like! imagine having all this to decorate your house with:

here are some sneaky shots from this past weekend.

sorry Baileys for the sneaky shots- I had to share your beauty with the world..

if you've ever visited, I'm sure you'll agree that it's impossible to come away not having bought anything at all.

there's some small purchases, like the pegs above for example, which seem incredibly cheap in comparisson to the furniture, but then you spy a basket, and ooh, a chalk board which I really, really need in my life, and ooh... amazing, what about some french soap and brown paper luggage tags... well, you can see how carried away you can get!

James and I once bought an antique gold fish tank, which we did try to put fish into (it leaked), but now holds my pencils. I love that fish tank...

my white Tolix armchair was a Christmas gift to myself. apart from the gold fishtank, I think it's my favourite Baileys purchase to date.

I absolutely love the tabernacle tearoom.

when I finally manage to buy a half decent size house with a garden, I want a guest room in the bottom of the garden just like this!

Or actually, sod the guests, maybe I'll just use it for myself...

about a year and a half ago, the Bailey family extended their business to include the

Curious Chocolate range.

not only is the range made up of some quirky chocolate (bloody tasty too!) with fun names, but the packaging is just beautiful...

if you look out of the window from the lighting barn towards the family house, you might just spy the Curious Chocolate 'studio'.. it's actually a large windowless old shed so doubtful that anyone would spend much time creating the chocolate masterpieces in there, but it's fun to imagine!

I would recommend a day trip to anyone to visit Baileys Home and Garden.

here are directions:

sorry again Baileys for sneaking these shots.

I love your store. x

p.s there's going to be ANOTHER book later this year- I'm already signed up on Amazon for it! x

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  1. I love Baileys and live far too close for my poor bank balance! And I too lust after that tin tabernacle!
    Emma ;0)