Thursday, 21 April 2011

inspired London... the capital's gearing up for the big day! x

so apparently there's a wedding happening?!!...

the capital is certainly gearing up to celebrate- the flags are out and everyone has made an effort to wish William and Kate the best of luck!

the countdown is on and it's actually super cute how buzzy it's making the city!

I'm really excited for next friday to come along- I think I may try watching it in hyde park on one of the large screens (dependant on weather of course..)

what are everyone else's plans?

is anyone actually having a street party?

admiralty arch

regent street

above yummy cupcakes @ peyton & burne

and of course the grande dame of London stores, Liberty, has the best window display of the lot!

isn't it gorgeous?

typically British and Liberty-quirky (as you'd expect)

I'd love to see William and Kate zoom off across the mall towards their honeymoon in this retro little mini, tin cans clattering along behind..!!! - can you just imagine?! no, me neither...!

and some other store windows I spotted around:

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  1. ok in all honesty Im a bit bored of all of it but at the same time excited! so strange hahaha!