Tuesday, 26 April 2011

inspired.. souvenirs. x

2 days to go before the big day!

I'm sure you will have had your fair share of (junk) emails over the past few weeks offering up the best... err souvenirs (?) on offer to celebrate the royal nuptials. so to hop on board, here are some of my favourites!

you could kit your kitchen out.

should you so wish...

snap them up before friday
(or perhaps get 50% off after...)

emma bridgewater

mug £34.95, plate £29.95, teapot £39.95

available at emmabridgewater.co.uk

canvas tote bag, £85, Simeon Farrar at Libertys

in true m&s fashion, the british brand has some yummy treats.

I quite like m&s biscuit boxes- practical for keepsakes!

Rob Ryan's beautiful paper cutting artworks have spawned a thousand copycat immitations, and of course a wedding is just the perfect occasion for this sort of graphic- see the above m&s turquoise tin above for example..

... and the others below:

commemorative mug, £10.50, Liberty

paper cutting print by glynwestdesign, £25 on etsy

to wear (wave in the air) on Friday, Boden has this souvenir scarf up for grabs:

flag scarf £39, Boden

and there's a whole of host of rather.. ermmm.. 'unusual' products out there too.
taste might be slightly questional, but it's all in the name of patriotic fun!
royal character teabags, £4.95, Liberty

cafetiere coffee cosy by cosyupuk £10 on etsy

but I think that these are my favourite:


knitted royal characters by jacks knits, $30 on etsy

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