Wednesday, 30 March 2011

You & Your Wedding- our wedding featured! x

thank you

you & your wedding

for featuring our wedding in the current edition!

James and I are both very excited to see our photos in print- again all due to the amazing work of Chloe Browne at Caught The Light Photography!

it's lovely to have so many of our details featured and Inspired Winter even gets a mention! apart from our wedding, the other real-life weddings are also very beautiful and have some very inspirational details- a good issue all in all I think!! x


  1. I was looking at your wedding Philippa when I got your comment about Decorate, firstly congrats on being featured, very very much deserved! and secondly, yes! Decorate is gorgeous, you should definitely get it!!

  2. Philippa

    I just loved your Jenny Packham hairpiece in the mag, I’m going to buy it myself for my wedding. Can you advise if it was the Acacia II silver? I can purchase from JP online. Your pics are absolutely beautiful! Both dresses were stunning. Congratulations. Best Wishes, Andrea

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for your lovely comments! My headpiece was the Acacia III- the largest one. I was lucky and managed to get it at the sample sale (just before I ordered it- pure luck!) but I would have gone for II instead if it had also been at the sample sale.. I love it- it feels like a family heirloom that I will be able to pass down! x x

  4. Hi Phillippa,

    I came across your wedding pictures (and your blog - which I promptly passed onto my photographer sister-in-law) while searching for Jenny Packham dresses for my wedding. I have been trying to track down the beautiful green beaded version of the F09 wedding dress that you wore so I may look into getting it for my own wedding dress. Would you be able to share where to look for this dress? Thank you! PS - your great idea and pictures of guests playing cricket inspired us to think of bocce ball in the fields near our Chesapeake Bay location!

  5. Hi Molly,
    Thank you for you lovely comments! I bought my dress from Jenny Packham at their Mayfair store. It was from the AW08 collection so no longer available I'm afraid... I've had quite a few people contact asking about it adn I'm not quite sure what to suggest.. maybe try contacting Jenny Packham directly? x x