Sunday, 27 March 2011

with love from hk. x

it's been a busy few weeks as you probably have gathered from my lack of posts! over the past week I've been in Hong Kong with work- a very, very busy but good week and a great opportunity to visit a new city for me. although we worked from early morning until very late, I thought I'd share some photos of the moments where I was actually able to see a bit of the city!
moody night cityscape...

I loved Hong Kong's blatant in-your-face advertising hoardings- particularly the double Cs at the Chanel shop in the Harbour City shopping centre. I think the skycraper lights could give me a headache after a while though... best in small doses perhaps..!

but my favourite part of my trip was visiting the trim market and discovering the aladdins treasure troves of beads and ribbons and buttons. if you or a friend is visiting HK, I urge you to go to the trim market- I bought over 20 metres of grosgrain ribbons in spectacular colours which would have cost me over £25 in VV Rouleux, and there cost me £2.10!! I wish I had bought more!

not having travelled much in asia before, I thought that HK might be a bit like Singapore, and it was for me, but maybe with a touch of NYC thrown in... I look forward to returning soon!

here's my favourite shot of the trip:

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