Sunday, 20 February 2011

we heart a £ saving bridesmaid suggestion! x

I think I've gone mad.. perhaps... stark raving?...

it's with a bit of trepidation that I am suggesting the below...
short of buying the odd holiday t-shirt, I very rarely buy anything from h&m- I find their fabric too synthetic for my liking. BUT today I found three dresses which could very well pass for bridesmaids! I chose to only have one bridesmaid so luckily I didn't have to pay out for multiple outfits (and bought one very lovely dress), but I can imagine just how expensive this could be.
there's a current fashion for the bridal party to be coordinated by colour and shades-of rather than having the same dress. everyone's a different body shape, so it's sensible to dress your girls in styles to flatter- no one's going to thank you for adding bulk in the wrong places!
which is where todays suggestion comes in.
in the interest of saving some £, I found 3 very reasonable dresses in h&m. all of them are in shades of vintage pink which could work separately or even together, and might work for all your girls different sizes. See what you think:

please excuse my black tights in all of the photos- it was so cold I couldn't take them off!!

plus this shrug could tie everyone in to the same theme, although it doesn't work with the above dresses:

although I tried all of the above on, I can not vouch for the fit being great, and as long as you're not too fussed about the fabric quality they could be a good option, but you do get what you pay for etc, etc. adding some great shoes, hair accesories, or silk ribbons would definitely make all three dresses look more expensive. I think it's a good option to consider if you can't decide which friends you just can't leave out!


in future posts I'll be suggesting other ideas for your weddings- I hope you find this useful! x

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