Sunday, 5 December 2010

merci bien! we heart a very parisian christmas!

It's taken me a while but I finally managed to visit Merci in Paris! As if by sheer luck I was in Paris for work this week and had a few minutes to pop into the fabulous store.

If you're in Paris, please visit- I didn't get to try the cafe (we were extremely pushed for time) but I did get to scout out the store and get a few sneeky pictures with my iphone.

I love the little red fiat 500 that sits at the front of Merci- I'd quite like one for running around town in I think! Randomly I saw one parked at the side of the A40 this evening, so if you own this and fancy selling it, let me know! x

gorgeous jelly moulds all in white looked very festive!

the clothes were all very beautiful and a well chosen selection, but extremely pricey! I actually preferred the jewellry, homeware (sooo gorgeous) and stationary. The best stationary selection I've seen in a while- lots of japanese masking tape, screen printed notebooks, wax paper envelopes and too many other good things to name! I wish I'd had longer to browse and a bigger budget!

it's all about the rustic tables isn't it?!
more lovely table settings:
(although the tulips were a little out of season. Good ideas for a spring event however!)

linens in so many different colours:

merci had collaborated in the past year with Liberty London and produced a small range of products covered in the infamous prints that Liberty is so known for. I haven't seen much of the range left in London ( I could be wrong here..)- it sold out I think?- but included were these cute mini suitcases (available in two sizes), stationary and necklaces.

I love the wax paper packaging for the jewellry:

and I treated myself (just a little- I was very restrained!) to a Liberty print pendant:
Wouldn't these be great as bridesmaids 'thank you' gifts?!

and I also bought these numbered disks which I have no idea white what to do with them but I just couldn't leave them behind.

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