Saturday, 30 October 2010

New Blog!

In July 2010 I got married to my wonderful partner of 10 years, James, and we had the best day we could have ever hoped for. I work in a creative day-job but have felt inspired by the planning of my own big day to want to continue in this area. I'm hoping to start my own creative design and planning business here in the UK where there seems to be a lack of inspiring wedding designers and bloggers.

Whilst planning for my own wedding day I would browse many American blogs but not so many UK based ones. 'There's a good idea!'... I thought, and hence, my own blog is now up and running! I found not only wedding blogs to be inspiring but fashion and interiors ones too- you never know where and when something might open up a new idea to you- and now I'm quite addicted! I'll be blogging about wedding inspiration but actually, anything that takes my fancy.. Hopefully you'll like my posts and maybe even find your own inspiration!

photo: Chloe Brown @ CAUGHT THE LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY http://


  1. glad you started a blog, fell absolutely in love with your engagement (I actually blogged about it!) and I was really looking forward to seeing your wedding (and Ill be blogging about this week too!). Cant wait to read more! Congratulations!

  2. I very much love your dress and have enjoyed seeing the many beautiful pictures from your photographer. If I may ask - can you tell me if the the under layer is ombre? I love how it is gray at the bottom but can't figure out if it is the lighting or the actual slip as the overlay appears to be tulle/sheer. Many thanks, just gorgeous!